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DianHua Dictionary

DianHua Dictionary is a Chinese-English Dictionary application for the iPhone™. Based on CC-CEDICT, the application provides the end user the ability to search in English, Pinyin, Traditional Characters, and Simplified Characters. Dictionary search results are displayed with tone-marked Pinyin, English definitions, traditional, and simplified characters.

DianHua Audio Dictionary

The DianHua Dictionary Audio Module adds Mandarin pronunciation to DianHua Dictionary.  It includes over 7,000 recordings covering over 16,000 entries in the dictionary.  The balance of the 100,000+ entries in DianHua Dictionary are pronounced using a combination of smaller recordings.

DianHua Number Practice

Numbers are an essential component of becoming fluent in any language.  For the most part, learning numbers in Chinese is much simpler than many other languages as all of the numbers from 0-99 are based on the numbers 0-9.  Beyond 99, however, things become a little more complicated, and you have the further challenge of learning the written form.  DianHua Number Practice is designed to help you practice Reading, Writing, and Listening to numbers until each exercise becomes automatic.