DianHua Dictionary

Lookup words and Study Chinese with both Traditional and Simplified characters in this fully offline capable Chinese-English dictionary for iOS.

DianHua Dictionary +Audio

DianHua Dictionary +Audio includes native audio pronunciation of over 16,000 entries in DianHua Dictionary along with simulated pronunciation of all 100,000+ entries.

Recent Blog Posts

Back to School Sale

It’s that time of year, and I felt like giving students a price break.  Through the end of August, the DianHua Dictionary Audio Module is on sale for $0.99.  After the sale, the price will return to $4.99. 

One of Pleco’s Upcoming Features

Back in Fall 2008 shortly after the first release of DianHua Dictionary, I had a couple of users ask me about a camera-based dictionary look-up tool.  While I loved the idea, I had not the time, funding, nor expertise to undertake such a project.  It looks like Pleco...

Contemplating DianHua on the iPad

When Apple first announced the iPad, I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed. For whatever reason, the platform failed to capture my attention the same way the iPhone did. Of course, that was before I had one in my hands. Even though I’m a bit disappointed in...

Coming Soon: LianXiShuZi 1.0 Release

A user alerted me to a bug with LianXiShuZi operating on devices running OS 3.x.  While taking care of that bug and preparing a release, I went ahead and added support for both Simplified and Traditional character sets along with the Banking/Anti-fraud characters....

Coming Soon: Word Decomposition

By popular demand, the next release of DianHua Dictionary will include Word Decomposition.  As you can see in the screen shot below, the definition page now includes entries for all of the components of a word.  You can touch any of these entries to go to their...

DianHua Dictionary v3.0.2 Now Available

DianHua Dictionary v3.0.2 is now available through the iTunes App Store.  With this release, DianHua Dictionary now includes Study Tools to help you take advantage of entries you have been tracking in the Bookmarks function introduced in v2.0.  While...