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You no longer have to wait for the next version of DianHua Dictionary to move and/or rename your Bookmark Folders.  That function is now available on DianHuaDictionary.com.  Though I am working on adding it to DianHua Dictionary, the chosen feature-set for the next release is proving time-consuming.  As a result, I wanted users who are using DianHua Dictionary heavily for studying to be able to reorganize Bookmarks in the interim.  

To access the feature, login to DianHuaDictionary.com, click Bookmarks from the left Menu, and navigate to the folder you want to move.  Near the top of the page, you will see a drop-down box for selecting the new parent folder (leave this to the existing folder if you just want to rename a folder).  The entry field can be used to rename the folder as needed whether or not a new parent folder is selected.  Click Move to complete the operation.

Once you have moved or renamed a Bookmark Folder, use the Sync function in DianHua Dictionary on your iPhone or iPod touch to bring the changes from the web site to your device.