Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to download and experiment with DianHua Dictionary.  There are some great recommendations coming from iTunes™, our support form here, and in the comments of some of the blog posts.  The question now is how much do you want in the first update?  Given the time it takes updates to appear on the App Store, it might be nice to fine-tune several items at once, but I could rush out a fix for the character clipping issue as fast as Apple could approve it.  However, I’m leaning toward squeezing some more functionality into the first update.  Right now, my plans are to:

  • Make fonts on the search results user-configurable as you see in the Settings page mock-up here.
  • Improve the search algorithms to yield more exact entries.  That includes both expanding the English->Chinese results and scaling back on the Chinese->English results.
  • Add a definition page when you press on an entry in the Search results.  This would allow you to see the full English definition and view the characters in a more readable font size.

So, what are your thoughts?  I’m already working on all of the above, but if there’s a high demand, I can quickly release a 1.2.1 with the character clipping issue fixed.