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DianHua Dictionary v3.0.2 is now available through the iTunes App Store.  With this release, DianHua Dictionary now includes Study Tools to help you take advantage of entries you have been tracking in the Bookmarks function introduced in v2.0.  While DianHuaDictionary.com allows you to export Bookmarks for use in other software packages, it became apparent in my own studies that the easier it is to go from Bookmarking words in a dictionary to studying them, the better progress you can make in your Chinese studies.  

DianHua Dictionary v3.0.2 includes two study tools, Flashcards and Writing.  

The Flashcard Study Tool allows you to select any combination of Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin, and English on both the front and back of the Flashcards so you can study any direction or combination you prefer.  The 3 self-assessment options (correct, unsure, incorrect) are tracked to inform the Difficulty sorting algorithm what order to present the cards to better emphasize more challenging or new words.  

The Writing Study Tool allows you to use any of the iPhone’s Chinese keyboards (Simplified, Traditional, Handwriting, or Pinyin) to test your ability to enter the Simplified or Traditional text of an entry based on the Pinyin and/or English.  Like Flashcards, correct and incorrect answers are tracked to provide information to the Difficulty sorting algorithm.  

Beyond the new Study Tools, several bug fixes are also included:

  • Longer timeouts in the Sync service to help devices running on slower connections like EDGE.
  • Removal of the 250 bookmark display limit.
  • Various memory management corrections.
  • Corrections to problems with attempting to create duplicate Bookmark folders and a fix for systems stuck with a corrupted folder leading to an inability to Sync.