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At long last, I have submitted DianHua Dictionary v2.0 to Apple for approval.  Changes to DianHua Dictionary for v2.0 include:

  • Integration with the DianHua Dictionary Audio Module providing pronunciation for over 16,000 dictionary entries.
  • Support for Search History.
  • Support for Bookmarking dictionary entries organized in folder hierarchies.
  • Integration with DianHuaDictionary.com supporting backup and export of History and Bookmarks.
  • Searching by English, Pinyin, Simplified, and Traditional Characters now done from the same screen. 
  • A new search algorithm with sub-second performance on average.
  • Improved quality of search results.
  • Support for mixing search terms such as “ci dictionary” or “we wo3”. or even “他 men”.
  • State restored when returning to the dictionary so you can pickup where you left off.

A mistake on my part led to the DianHua Dictionary Audio Module being released early.  To those who have already purchased it, I appreciate your patience in waiting for the dictionary and apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.