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DianHua Dictionary v1.4.1 BETA is now available for testing.  This release includes the “exact search” changes discussed in a previous post as well as some interface cleanup.  It also includes the technology developed for our number learning application, LianXiShuZi.  The application no longer includes the list of numbers.  Instead, it provides a conversion tool capable of producing pinyin, traditional characters, simplified characters, and the banking/anti-fraud variations of characters.


When you touch the speaker icon for a number, you can hear the number spoken for you.  There is also a help icon leading to a page describing how numbers work.


I also changed a few user interface issues that I’ve never been pleased with.  Gone are the Cancel buttons on the search bars.  They’ve been replaced with the ability to touch outside the search box to dismiss the keyboard.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.