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What?  You’re laughing.  I’m serious about this.  I know it’s nearly April Fool’s Day, but it really is time for a limited public BETA test of DianHua Dictionary 4.0 and DianHua Audio Dictionary 4.0.  Still don’t believe me?  Alright, what about a screenshot from the iPad?

DianHua iPad

Not enough?  That’s unfortunate because you’ll be missing out on:

  • A brand new iPad interface
  • A new spaced repetition study algorithm
  • Automatic or manual sync to DianHuaDictionary.com with improved speed and reliability
  • Upgraded CC-CEDICT with over 100,000 entries
  • Over 1,500 stroke order animations (maybe only 1,400 by the time I check all of them)
  • Customized word list entries (aren’t we all tired of obscure English definitions confusing us during flashcard studying?)
  • That last one?  You can use it to study sentences.
  • Improved English search algorithm
  • iPhone 5 support
  • Retina display support

The crazy thing is this 2 years in the making version isn’t even out, and I can’t wait to get started on the next one.  Until then, I would appreciate any additional eyes I can get on the upcoming release.