Having had some time to look through App Store reviews today, it’s obvious I have some upset users.  Unfortunately, the upgrade bug DianHua’s existing users have run into is affecting their experience in DianHua v4.0.  New users are not seeing these problems because they didn’t have any data to upgrade, and a lot of existing users have not seen them because their data did not trigger the bug.

The misconception I’m seeing in the reviews is that a DianHuaDictionary.com account is required.  Much like many of DianHua’s users, I don’t like apps forcing me to create accounts where one isn’t needed or wanted.  That’s why DianHua was designed to work perfectly well without one.  What is supposed to happen is that you touch Not Now at the Login screen, and DianHua never asks you to login again.  Instead, the system is crashing while upgrading your existing data, and it’s starting over with the Login prompt because your choice was not recorded properly due to the crash.

On Saturday, July 20th, I submitted a fix for the upgrade bug and another issue upgrading users were experiencing with crashes.  It is still in the review process but will hopefully be out soon.