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I noticed that a review on the App Store indicated that the user was unsuccessful running DianHua Dictionary on 2.0.2.  After some testing tonight, I can’t find any problem specifically with 2.0.2.  I use an iPod™ touch for development and use AdHoc distribution to further test on my own phone.  Both are now running 2.0.2 without issue. 

Having said that, I did also get a support report today from a user who is unable to start DianHua Dictionary.  I’m inquiring further about firmware version, but if anyone else has seen any problems, please let me know.

Update 08-26-2008:  The user who contacted me was able to get DianHua Dictionary to work be performing a full restore of his iPhone™.  If you decide to take this approach, please remember to backup important data off of your device.